About Our Online Office Products

BT Supplies is a leading supplier in online office products, including; furniture, maintenance & breakroom necessities, technology applications and most recently, cleaning chemicals & janitorial supplies. BT Supplies is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, but are equipped to ship both domestically and internationally. For all of your office needs, BT Supplies West is the answer.

Office Product Options

We attempt to make the day-to-day running of your office or business go as smoothly as possible. We provide your office with a plethora of options, options that will keep you and your employees happy. Furnish your waiting room with comfortable chairs and seating. Nobody likes to wait and it is even worse to wait when the seating is poor. We supply affordable furniture that is great for any office setting.

Keeping your office clean is imperative. Not only does it keep everyone healthy, a dirty work environment is not one that produces good work. Maintain the cleanliness of your workplace with our great selection of janitorial supplies. Keeping the office clean has never been easier!

Furniture - BT Supplies has an expansive online furniture selection. From everyday workstation needs to personal back and foot rests, whatever furniture your office needs, we have it. Reception areas need furnishing and we haves seating and sofas that will go great in any waiting room. . . read more about our online office furniture products >>

Office Supplies - BT Supplies online distribution of office supplies allows them to ship wherever and whenever. Our office supplies will meet all of your needs. From secretarial necessities such as staplers, correction supplies and storage box files to bulk pens. We even have a great selection of shipping supplies, which will enhance your packing and distributing. . . read more about our office supply inventory >>

Maintenance & Breakroom - Our maintenance & breakroom inventory provides customers with endless options when searching for the right product. For maintenance needs, we have cleaning products, cleaning tools, carts & stands and so much more. For breakroom needs, we have beverages, a huge selection of food items. Even trash bags, wastebaskets and trash can liners, so your office is kept clean for your employees. . . read more about our online maintenance & breakroom products >>

Technology - BT Supplies boasts a large technology department that can meet all of your business and even residential needs. From av equipment, like multimedia projectors and pointers, to computer hardware to mobile device accessories to whiteboard collaboration screens, BT Supplies has everything you need. Make your office more modern with new technology that is on the market. . . continue reading about our technology hardware and services >>

Janitorial Supplies - Maintaining a clean office is imperative these days. Having employees constantly getting sick is not a way to work. Clean up messes with our great selection of mops, sure to soak up any spill. We also carry sturdy, durable trash cans that prevent leaky and smelly garbage from infiltrating your work space. And if it simply mop heads or broom handles you need, we have those too. . .  browse through our selection of products >>

At BT Supplies, we proudly carry a plethora of products and items great for any office. From new, cutting edge technology, to office furniture, to janitorial supplies, we have you covered. Running a business is stressful enough, trying to find a place that sells the items you need only adds to it. That is why we are proud to be the one-stop for all your office needs.

For more information about our online office products, maintenance and breakroom supplies, or any of our other items on the site, please contact us today.