Office Maintenance & Breakroom Supplies

BT Supplies has everything you need when it comes to breakroom supplies. In need of an extra microwave? We have it! Need a new or extra office refrigerator? We have quality Alera refrigerators! Provide your employees with various breakroom appliances so they can move quickly and efficiently when taking their lunch break. To learn more about our variety of products, please give us a call at 702-OPTIONS. We can answer any questions or concerns you may be having.

Office Breakroom Supplies

The perfect office maintenance and breakroom supplies go a long way toward keeping your team energized and focused. The breakroom needs to be a small escape from the office and give your employees the down time they deserve. With BT Supplies breakroom inventory, you are able to stock up on snacks, bottled water, coffee and tea. We also have various first aid supplies, cleaning products, and other maintenance and breakroom supplies to keep everyone happy!

Office breakroom supplies and appliances are essential ingredients for a highly organized and productive office. Keeping the office clean and comfortable will keep all the workers happy and content. On top of that, the atmosphere of the office will be much more easy going. The stress of a dirty or downtrodden office space can be alleviated by simply stocking up on some quality supplies.

Office Maintenance Supplies

Whether you need to mop the floor or shampoo your office carpets, BT Supplies has all the cleaning tools and products you’ll need. Available in one convenient place, stock up on carpet cleaners, mops, brooms and so much more!

Carpet Cleaners

Your carpets and rugs take a beating every day, whether it’s from coffee, soda and dirt or mud throughout the office. Keep them looking clean and fresh with a variety of carpet cleaners from Office Depot. Choose from spray cleaners in liquid or foam formulas, scented or unscented.


Help prevent falls on slippery floors by keeping a variety of mops on hand to clean coffee spills and puddles of tracked-in snow and rain in the office. Sponge mops are easy to squeeze and offer a range of helpful features. Our mops are durable and long-lasting and will help maintain the cleanliness of your office and breakroom.

Wastebaskets and Trash Bags

Managing waste and trash is a common obstacle in homes and offices. Office Depot has the supplies you need to easily dispose of everyday office trash. With a wide selection of trash bags designed to fit into various trash cans, keeping your office clean is a more manageable task.

Trash Can Liners

Sturdy and durable trash can liners can go a long way to ensuring your home or office is kept clean. Cheaper and weaker trash can liners have a tendency to break and spill garbage on the floor. Avoid that unwanted hassle with quality trash can liners from BT Supplies. Buy in bulk and avoid situations where you run out. 

Towels and Tissues

Stock your breakroom with a bountiful amount of towels and tissues and keep the hygiene of your office clean and germ-free. Nobody wants sick employees, that is why it is important to have a healthy stock of tissues. Germs can flourish in a dirty environment. Don't let them by being prepared. And wipes for the breakroom are helpful for cleaning spills when people are making lunch. They are quick and easy to use.

And when your employees use the restroom, having quality toilet paper and paper towels with have a great effect on the health of everyone in the office. Don't run out and cause a panic, but rather buy in bulk and stock up on quality items.

Trusted Breakroom Supplier

Stock your office or breakroom with quality items from BT Supplies. For more information about the items we carry, please contact our offices today. Not all the items we carry are displayed on the site due to the extensiveness of our catalog. We provide our products at a wholesale rate and ship nationwide for your convenience. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have about any of our products.