Online Office Supplies

Shopping for a variety of bulk office supplies, but don't want to overspend? BT Supplies has what you need! We are your go-to shop for online office supplies, no matter what you need. We have everything from paper clips, scissors, file folders and paper to binders. We have staplers, pens, pencils, luggage and thousands of more items. We have in stock all name brand items, so you know what you're getting, at a great price!

Just a few of the office supplies we offer:

Filing and File Folders

Make filing quicker and easier with our various office accessories. Color code your documents with file folders or secure papers inside with our reinforced tab fasteners. Need a small storage cabinet? We have it and so much more! 

Having folders is a simple way to organize your papers. Become a more efficient and productive office by providing your employees with folders to use and never lose a paper again. Folders can go a long way in creating a more fluent and enjoyable work-space.


BT Supplies has a wide selection of binders. You’ll find our office binders in a number of different ring sizes including the larger D-ring for even more pages. Like folders, binders are a simple way to become more organized. You can store all your papers for specific projects and presentations and not have to worry about losing them.

Desk Accessories

Make your office, whether it's at home or at an actual office, much more presentable with our desk accessories. Don't be left without accessories when you need them most and stock up on paper clips, scissors, magnets, staplers and rulers today!

Some of these accessories you didn't even know you needed until you had them. Providing your employees with all the proper office accessories can make everyone more productive. It can be frustrating working and not needing something as simple as a paper clip. Rid yourself of those misgivings and stock up on all the accessories you may need.

Shipping Supplies

Have pertinent company documents that need to be sent securely? Shop our large shipping supply section for all of your office shipping supplies. We’ve got the shipping supplies you need for easy and cost-effective packing. Shipping is a large part of many businesses around the country.

That is why it is imperative to have only the best supplies. Few things can disgruntle customers faster than receiving a damaged product in the mail. Ensure what you are shipping is being received promptly and unscathed. You can do so by purchasing some of our quality shipping supplies. 

Planners and Calendars

Keep the office organized with our planers and calendars. They’re both fashionable and functional and will keep the team on track! Being a more organized office is a surefire way to also become more productive and efficient during the workday.

File & Storage Cabinets 

Organize your papers and filing folders with our array of file and storage cabinets. We have a great selection of file cabinets sure to smooth the operating procedures at your place of business. Don't waste time searching for misplaced papers or documents again!

BT Supplies has years of experience in the industry and have become a trusted distributor of office supplies. We have a large inventory that is constantly being restocked. If you're having any issues locating a particular item, please contact us today at (702) 678-4667.