About Our Office Technology Supplies

Here at BT Supplies, we have a wide selection of technology products. Does your office need a new printer? We carry a wide variety of printers that are sure to be the right fit for your office needs. We carry important tech gear from laptops and desktop computers, to tablets, printers, networking, monitors and more.

Great Selection of Products

Among our office technology products, we have a large selection of all-in-one desktops, which hold the drives and other electronics inside the monitor. Eliminate the need for a separate tower save ample space without giving up performance.

If you’re looking for advanced office technology supplies, the touchscreen convenience of a smartphone or tablet to provide to your office employees look no further than our tablet section. We have several eWriters & Tablets in stock to help streamline office efficiency on the go!

Types of Office Technology We Carry

  • Calculators are available to be chosen from among standard, scientific, printing and graphing calculators, perfect for the home, classroom or the office. Our calculators provide a wide range of functions, so you pick the one perfect for you. Our scientific calculators are great for students.

  • Monitors are available in a variety of sizes and screen resolutions. Many are ultra slim, using less desk space. Add a monitor riser, stand or adjustment arm to customize your viewing comfort. Any sort of accessories are available through our site, ensuring the technology in your office is modern and up-to-date.

  • Printers, like most technology, continue to advance in features and design. There are wired, wireless, mobile and photo printing models. Choose an all-on-one to print, copy, scan and fax so you can save space and money. Make those charts pop in your next meeting with our inkjet printers. They are great for printing our colorful, clear pages, so when you present you will make a statement.

  • Networking Routers and Cables are the foundation of any computer network. Browse a variety of makes and models to find those best suited for your needs. If you office is running a lot of wires, we offer a variety of cable covers, so employees are not stepping on them on the floor. We also have cable ties and cord channels to better organize your cables.

  • Televisions are a nice addition to any waiting room and can help keep visitors occupied. Choose from a variety of different types of Magnavox televisions. From smart tvs to HDTVs, spruce up your office today. We offer televisions ranging from 32" to 50," so there will surely be a size that is right for you. 

  • Cameras and camcorders make it easy to capture your memories. Get professional-looking still images and digital video. You never know what sort of elements may need to be recorded. Be prepared with a quality camera.

  • Keyboards and wrist rests are vital accessories to many businesses across the country. Keyboards need to have a comfortable feel, otherwise you may lose out on hours of time. Having the right keyboard can provide a nice luxury to those that use it. Also, wrist rests provide some stability and, well, rest to the user and can alleviate some of the pressures of using the mouse all day.

  • Mice and mouse pads are also available and make perfect accessories for that new computer. We have a great selection of mice that can provide an ease of use when using your computer. Be sure to check out our wireless mice, which can help lessen the clutter on your desk. Mouse pads add an extra layer of functionality with your mouse.

Quality Line of Products

With advancements in technological equipment, offices and businesses can move into the future and become a more productive workplace. The overall efficiency a business can achieve by upgrading their equipment is something every business owner should look into. 

Not only does your workplace benefit production-wise, they also benefit with morale. Coming into work is funner and more enjoyable if they are the proper tools at their disposal. It can be frustrating to work with old equipment, but your employees will want to come into work just to try out the new toys.

Have A Modern Approach

And it may seem crass, but having up-to-date and modern technology in the office will provide better optics for those businesses looking to work with you. By demonstrating your office capabilities, you can wow new clients and attract more business.

And having a more modern approach will also help with your productivity at the workplace. Technology develops for a reason and it is because things improve. If you're stuck using older and out-of-date technology, you are most likely a step behind your competition. 

BT Supplies is a trusted distributor of quality technology supplies for the office or work place. If you are looking for a particular item that you do not see listed on the site, it may simply not be listed. Due to our large inventory of items, it is difficult to list everything. If you're having issues locating a certain product, please contact us. The number to call is (702) 678-4667. We look forward to helping you with any issues you may have.