Food Service Supplies

BT Supplies offers a complete line of quality disposable food service supplies from a wide range of manufacturers. Running a restaurant or a any sort of food service business requires a lot of attention. With our great selection of items, you are sure to find some help supplies for your business.

Quality Customer Service

BT Supplies prides itself with an exceptional customer service staff and we will work diligently to provide the highest quality food service supplies at the best prices. Building a relationship with the customer is a goal of ours and we will work tirelessly to meet your demands. 

All of our efforts are aimed at presenting our customers with a robust catalog of food service supplies to choose from, because we know how important it is for each business to make the most sensible choices. We also do this because you deserve options. BT Supplies is a trusted distributor of quality products. We ship nationwide, so no matter where you are located, we can provide you with our services. 

A Great Selection of Supplies

We have a great selection of cups, plates and utensils that are used in the food service industry across the country. We have everything from plates to straws to napkins. Anything you need to run your business, we have. We carry a wide array of cups great for a plethora of scenarios. Clear, plastic cups for a quick drink. Heat-retaining cups great for coffee. And even eco-friendly paper cups that are great for the environment.

Trusted Food Service Supplier

With this many options, you will surely find the right cup for you! Check out our great selection of catering products and catering utensils, cups and plates. For more information about our food service supplies and all else we offer, please contact us today. The number to call to learn more about our various supplies for the food service industry is 702-OPTIONS. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have about our line of products. Please view our selection of products below.

A Plethora of Food Service Options

We also carry an assortment of trays to fit whatever situation you need. Quality cake trays to display cakes, muffins, brownies. Whatever sort of desert you want presented, our cake trays will do the trick! Are you serving a platter of foods, like fruits, appetizers or cheese and crackers?

Then our thermoform trays might be more you speed. Split up your foods with our serving trays, which are great for serving vegetables and dip. And of course, you cannot go wrong with our more simplified rectangular trays and tiny trays.  We provide you with these options to ensure you are getting the food service supplies your business not only wants, but needs.