First Aid & Health Supplies

BT Supplies carries an extensive array of health and first aid supplies including bandages and band-aids, antiseptic wipes/pads, eye wash solution and many medicines. Working hard should not mean having to work under the weather or in discomfort. Our health and first aid supplies cover most workplace ailments.

Reliable and Quality First Aid Supplies

We understand how a headache, allergy, bump or bruise can put a damper on productivity. With our wide list of products, you will never have to worry about suffering through your day without relief. Keeping yourself and your employees focused on their job is necessary for a well-rounded workday. First aid cotton and creams, as well as bandages for those minor workplace issues. Wheelchairs and crutches to help out in case of a more serious matter.

BT Supplies has you covered no matter the severity of the injury or type of issue your workplace may produce. Be prepared with our quality first aid supplies and kits. Check out our selection of first aid supplies below. For more information about our selection of first aid supplies, contact us today. You can call 702-OPTIONS today to learn more about our line of products.