AV Equipment & Accessories

BT Supplies is excited to offer our wide array of AV equipment and accessories. Your next presentation or meeting must be efficiently ran. Allow our products to make your business day easier by letting you effortlessly improve your company's productivity and morale. To run a modern business these days, you need the latest in AV equipment.

A Variety of Quality AV Equipment

We carry the highest quality projectors, PA systems, microphones and much more. Let your employees clearly see and here your next business plan or idea with our efficient and dependable equipment. These products are perfect for teachers and lecturers as well. Educate and entertain your group of any size with any of our equipment and accessories.

Due to our wide variety of audio visual equipment, you will surely find what it is you're looking for. We provide you with many options. This way you can choose the piece of equipment that is perfect for you. Life throws a lot at you and can be overwhelming and restraining. You deserve options. We understand that, which is why we pride ourselves with our great selection of items. If you have any questions or concerns about our selection of AV equipment or accessories, please contact us today. We will gladly assist you with any issues you may have.

A More Productive Workplace

Having newer technology in the office will not only make your business more productive, it will also make the employees happier. Having the latest in technology makes everyone's job easier and can give a much needed morale boost. Coming into work with stagnate technology can be a drag, but if you have the best A/V equipment suddenly work becomes more like play.

Our commitment to excellent customer relations allows us to provide you with the best quality AV equipment and accessories. Our certified AV technology experts are looking forward to helping you find the perfect fits for your business. We have years of experience and can help you with a variety of issues in this field. For more information on our products, please call one of our representatives today by dialing 702-OPTIONS.

Check out our selection of products below.

The Usefulness of Projectors 

Move your meetings out of the past and into the future with our great selection of AV equipment at your disposal. Our multimedia projectors will turn any meeting into an easy-to-watch viewing experience and a great way to engage an audience. Great for schools and classroom too. Get everyone to participate by using a projector. Don't have a place for people to view what your projector is showing? You're in luck, because our projection screens will do just the trick. These screens come in various sizes, so there is surely a right one for you! 

Want to be a little more low tech? We have a great selection of overhead projectors that are simple to use and can give a room a different feel from those with multimedia projectors. Overhead projectors are perfect for having the people in the room follow along with what you are doing, especially in a classroom setting. With our transparency films, you will be able to create an immersive experience in the room and properly engage the audience. And similarly to our multimedia projectors, a projector screen may be needed.