Palmyra Scrub Brush and Palmyra Broom

If you are looking for a quality Palmyra scrub brush and Palmyra broom, look no further. BT Supplies has what you need! Palmyra brooms are specifically designed for moving debris and are excellent for use in shops and construction cleanups. 

Ideal for outdoor usage, where the surfaces tend to be more coarse. The Palmyra bristles create a coarse sweep making this the best choice for heavy duty cleanups. It will pick up everything, without leaving a mess behind. A quick and efficient clean-up.

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BT Supplies has quality brushes and brooms perfect for a variety of cleanups. Don't waste time sweeping or scrubbing the same area multiple times, with Palmyra you will get the job done more effectively without leaving a mess behind.

Cleaning your deck can oftentimes be a hassle, but it will never be easier than with a Palmyra brush. Great for scrubbing those rough surfaces that are difficult to clean. Its coarse bristles allow for greater friction, and thus a cleaner surface. A perfect item for a variety of surfaces and uses, especially for outdoor cleaning and maintenance. For more information about our Palmyra Scrub Brush selection or Palmyra Broom, please contact us today

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