ID Badges

BT Supplies has a wide selection of ID badges, ranging from badge reels, lanyards, name badge holders, name badge kits and wristbands. Badges can serve a multitude of aspects and our selection of options gives you choices to choose from to fit whatever need is required. 

Keep Your Place of Work Safe and Organized 

ID badges are vital to ensuring safety for many businesses and offices around the country. Being able to properly identify who people are in your building aids in keeping a controlled environment. ID badges can display a wide variety of information pertinent to the tasks required in an office setting. They can also provide the details necessary for who has access to what buildings and accessories.

BT Supplies is a trusted supplier of quality ID badges. We ship our products across the country and proudly supply businesses large and small. Please check out our selection below. For more information about our line of products, please contact us today. We oftentimes cannot update our large inventory, so reach out to us if there is a particular product you'd like, but do not see on the website.

ID Badge Benefits

But it is not all about security with these badges. They can also be a simple and effective way to allow for people in a large office or building to know the people they are working with and give off a familiarity that may otherwise be lost. Roaming the hallways or corridors in a large building that employs a lot of people can oftentimes be overwhelming and create a lonely atmosphere. With ID badges, workers can become a little more comfortable with one another, which can lead to a more productive workplace.