About our Food Service Supplies

Having quality food service supplies can be a huge benefit to anybody in the food service industry. Providing customers with sub par products could lead to them losing interest or being upset of the quality. Don't risk losing prospective customers by wasting money on supplies that are below standard.

Quality Food Service Supplies

At BT Supplies, we have a great selection of food service supplies to chose from that are both affordable and reliable. Having quality food service supplies goes a long way to ensuring the customer base is happy. Cheap materials can lead to poor experiences. Check out what sorts of items we carry. 


Cups are a vital part of any food service provider. Cups can be used for a wide-range of reasons. Most notably for hot drinks like coffee, tea and hot chocolate. However, we also provide cups that allow for items to stay cool, so they would be great for keeping drinks cold as well. And for the environmentally conscious, we have a great selection of cups that are disposable, creating less waste and pollution on the earth.


To compliment our selection of cups comes our selection of sleeves. For suppliers of hot drinks, such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate, providing customers with sleeves for their hot drinks is a must. They can be hot to hold and handle and be quite uncomfortable if no sleeve is provided. And not to mention injury or even dropping of the item due to its temperature. It would be a quick way to lose a customer.


Many cups need to utilize a lid in order to be used properly. Lids are great for hot drinks, like coffee and tea, as it measures exactly how much of the liquid you intake. However, they are also great for colder drinks, as you simply can insert a straw and use that convenience to consume the beverage. We even carry domed lids, which go great for suppliers of ice cream or the addition of whipped cream on a drink. 


Plastic knives are oftentimes hit or miss in the restaurant industry, but having a quality knife can be such a great convenience to a meal. Being unable to properly cut food can be a nuisance in the enjoyment of the eating process. If a customer is inconvenienced like that, it would be tough sledding for them to get the proper enjoyment out of the meal.


Forks do much of the heavy lifting in the food service utensil industry. They are the perfect utensil to consume much of the foods we eat on a daily basis. Also, if the food is soft enough, they can act like a knife. They are the stalwarts of many meals.


Spoons are often overlooked when compared to the usefulness of the fork, but spoons are what is used to consume ice cream, which, who doesn't enjoy ice cream? They do not need to be as durable as forks, since they are mainly used to eat softer foods or food in liquid, like cereal or soup, but their function is still vital. 

Your Trusted Food Service Supplier

BT Supplies is a trusted provider of quality food service supplies. We provide you with many options to allow for you to chose the product that is perfect for your business. For more information about our food service supplies and products, please contact us today. We will gladly assist you with any questions you may have.