Catering Utensils

BT Supplies is happy to offer our great selection of catering utensils, cups and plates. Our commitment to extraordinary customer support allows us to provide you with the highest quality office products and services. Check out our selection of items below.

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Our catering utensils, cups and plates are sure to enhance your business break room, coffee station and anywhere else. We carry a variety of sizes, designs and materials for all catering products for your convenience. Many of our products are also recyclable and may be used multiple times.Our disposable cups for great for any office and our eco-friendly cups and containers are great for the environment. 

Our catering utensils includes forks, spoons, stir sticks and much more. Your employees and guests will love how stocked and accessible their workplace is when they need a snack or "pick-me-up" early in the morning or later in the day. We also carry domed and flat lids for coffee cups so you can enjoy your beverage both at your desk and while on the move.

And ensure your customers and their dining areas are always clean with our great selection of napkins and paper towels. Having these items in abundance and nearby can enhance any dining experience. Nobody likes a messy eating area. With our products, you will be keeping customers content after a spill.

Our catering utensils and other supplies are great additions to any office or place of business. Keep your office supplied with the most durable and environmentally catering products. For more information on all of our products, please call one of our representatives today.