Rolled Cutlery

BT Supplies is proud to offer an excellent assortment of rolled cutlery products in line with our other assortment of cutlery products. Our commitment to fantastic customer support allows to provide you with the highest quality goods and services.

Great Selection of Rolled Cutlery

Our rolled cutlery includes forks, knives and spoons that are pre-rolled for your convenience. If you are planning an office party, brunch or other special event, our pre-rolled cutlery will make a great impression on your company. Show your guests and employees how organized and detail-oriented your company is by offering pre-rolled utensils at your next function.

All rolled cutlery is wrapped with a fresh white napkin and is disposable. The formal touch of these utensils also works well with takeout containers, lunch boxes and salad bars. All utensils are durable and resistant to snapping and breakage.

Ensure that you and your guests have a great time at your next luncheon, meeting or other function with our excellent cutlery sets. Your guests are sure to appreciate you going the extra mile.

Nationwide Supplier of Rolled Cutlery

BT Supplies is a nationwide distributor of food service supplies and catering products. Among this selection is our assortment of rolled cutlery. All of our products are available at a wholesale rate/ For more information about our selection of rolled cutlery products, online catering products, or any other products provided by BT Supplies, please contact us today. The number to call is 702-OPTIONS. We look forward to be your trusted supplier of quality rolled cutlery products.

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