Portable File Folders & Storage Box Files

Our portable file folders and storage boxes are great for simple and easy retrieval of important documents and files. Day-to-day life in an office can be hectic, but with out quality folders and boxes, you will be organized for whatever loop is thrown at you. For more information about any of our listed products, please contact us today. We can help you with any questions or concerns you may have on the matter.

Quality Selection of Folders

BT Supplies is a trusted provider of quality portable file folders and storage boxes. You can purchase from a few varieties of files folders, such as classification folders and hanging file folders. We also have file accessories, such as file fasteners and file jackets and sleeves.

Being able to chose the right sort of office supplies is one of our greatest assets. We provide you with the options to chose what is right for your situation. We carry a wide array of office supplies of all kinds that can help you organize your office in many different ways. Find the one that is perfect for your workplace. Check out our selection of items below.

Portability Is An Office Convenience 

A work desk can become cluttered in no time, but with our desktop file folder sorters, you will be prepared and ready to go. These items come in a variety of ways. There are divided sorters, in case you want to sort your paperwork that way. We also carry a simple letter tray. This way, you can neatly place all your papers in a file to go through at a later time. Arrange your desk in a way to make yourself the most efficient worker possible.

BT Supplies is a provider of many quality office products and supplies. Among these is our selection of file folders and storage boxes. It is useful to have easy-to-move, portable folders and boxes to get up and go with you when the time calls. For more information about our line of products, please call us today at 702-OPTIONS.