About Our Personal Hygiene Products

BT Supplies carries a wide range of personal hygiene products for your convenience. Keeping yourself and your employees is crucial in creating a viable and productive work environment. If workers are constantly out sick, the productivity of your office will drop. And on top of that,  employees may become disgruntled with the sickly environment and further decrease your productivity. Ensure a healthy and clean work space with our variety of products.


Soap is the first order of business for any office. Having quality soap for your employees will ensure a cleaner environment and create a more healthy work space all around. We have a great selection of soaps for you to choose from. From soap that comes in a pump bottle, to bars of soap, to powered hand soap, to hand cleaner in a bag. However your office is situated, we have you covered. We also have quality dispensers should you so choose to go that route.

Hand Sanitizers

For a more effective clean, we also carry hand sanitizers. These products will attack the germs and kill them at a better rate than your regular soap will. Many of these sanitizers come in pump bottles and if you are cautious of the smell, we have fragrance-free items that do not leave a smell after use. Keep door handles clean as well with our disinfectant canister specifically made to attack and adhere to handles. And for smaller, on-the-go purposes, we carry tiny Purell bottles of hand sanitizer, because germs are in more places that just your office.


We also carry accessories for our hand sanitizer products, such as touch-free floor stand dispensers, which make it simple and easy to stay clean as you move about the office. These come in a few varieties to ensure you find the one that is perfect for your situation. And for the smaller items, we have desktop caddies to keep your deck neat and organized.

BT Supplies is a trusted supplier of many personal hygiene products. Keeping the office clean from germs is beneficial for all the people in the building. Nobody wants to get sick and catch unwanted germs. With our quality products, you can help keep you and your employees germ free.For more information about our products, please contact us today. We will gladly assist you with any questions you may have on the matter.