About Our Alera Products

BT Supplies has an extensive selection of quality Alera products to furnish you home or office. Choose from items ranging from chairs to filing cabinets to bookcases to desks. We even carry Alera oscillating fans to keep your employees cool. Options are important when it comes to choosing new items to fill your home or office, that is why we offer such a great collection of products. You are sure to find something perfect that fits the style and theme of the room.


It is no secret that a lot of sitting occurs in an office building. That is why it is imperative to have comfortable chairs. Being comfortable goes a long way in creating a positive workplace. If your employees are comfortable, then they will likely become more productive workers. However, if the seating is an issue, then complaints will likely come in. Avoid those issues by choosing from our great selection of Alera chairs.

Comfortable seating extends past just the employees. If your office has a waiting area, then the seating for guests and visitors is also something to consider. If a chairs or sofas in the waiting room are less than stellar, then the people coming in may be put in an unpleasant mood. This is especially vital for business meetings. If someone is coming in for a meeting with you, the last thing you should want is for them is to be uncomfortable. Accommodate your guests and upgrade your chairs. Make whoever is coming in feel welcome.


And perhaps you don't need chairs, but stools are more your thing. Don't worry, because we have those too. These are great for workplaces that require higher seating, like for a workbench. But just because it is not an actual chair, does not mean it can't still be comfortable. Alera has a great selection of stools for you to choose from.


Having a new desk can go a long way in creating a more productive worker. Don't lose papers with a small, sloppy desk, but upgrade with Alera's great selection of desks and organize your work-life. We carry a few different styles and you will surely find a desk that fits your style.

And not only will you be more organized, you will be saving money. Our selection of quality desks will not cost you an arm and a leg. They are affordable and can be shipped nationwide. We have many sizes, so finding the right one should not be a problem. If you are having trouble finding the perfect desk, do not worry. Not of of our products are always up on our site due to our large inventory. A quick call can resolve any issue you may have.


Cabinets make for a great option for a wide variety of rooms. Typically, a quality cabinet is perfect for an office break room. It allows for the employees to have a great space when at work. They can bring in food and snacks and store them in the cabinet. Also, the counter top also allows for the employees to make their lunch or use it for other reasons.

A quality cabinet can bring the look and feel of home into the office. Alera offers a great selection of cabinets, so you can choose the one that has the best look and feel for wherever it goes. It can even be placed in an office room and used there. There are many possibilities of how to use a cabinet and all of them start with checking the selection at BT Supplies.

BT Supplies is a trusted distributor of Alera products and ships nationwide. If you have any questions about any of our products or don't see what you are looking for, please call or email us today. Not all the items we carry are displayed on the site due to the extensiveness of turnover of what we sell.