HP RDX+ Removable Disk Backup System, 1 TB

HP RDX+ Removable Disk Backup System, 1 TB

Removable disk backup system features forward and backward compatible docking station and future cartridge compatibility.
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HP RDX+ Removable Disk Backup System provides fast disk based transfer and file retrieval at 25-30 MB per second on a 500 GB cartridge. The industry-standard, mobile 2.5-inch hard disk drive roadmap allows you to deploy higher capacity cartridges as needed without having to buy a new docking station. Simple drag and drop file backup and restore means files can be backed up in seconds, and the rugged cartridge simply and safely removed for storage. The cartridge seamlessly integrates with hands-free HP RDX+ continuous data protection software or other standard ISV and CDP backup applications. HP RDX+ includes Windows backup mode to fully leverage the integrated tools of that operating system. HP RDX+ Removable Disk Cartridges have been drop tested up to 1 meter and are interchangeable in any HP RDX+ docking station.