Breakroom and Maintenance

BT Supplies provides their customers with the highest quality breakroom appliances and supplies. From food and beverages to cups and utensils, fill your breakroom with all the necessities to keep your employees and staff happy during the lunch hour.

Maintain a Clean Work Environment 

Maintaining a clean and healthy work-space is paramount to any home or office, which is why we carry personal hygiene products, first aid supplies, and cleaning products. As well as sturdy and durable trash can liners. Having a durable trash can liner can rid you of headaches. Few things are more frustrating than a ripped trash bag. Spilling all the contents of the garbage on the floor. 

Quality Breakroom Products

And don't forget about comfort in the work area. Other breakroom appliances we carry are air cleaners, fans, heaters and humidifiers, because we understand the importance of a comfortable work space. By keeping your employees happy and content, the office will be more productive. 

BT Supplies keeps your breakroom well-stocked and clean. Keep your workplace and employees happy with our incredible variety of breakroom and maintenance supplies. Make your breakroom great with our awesome selection of food and beverages, cleaning equipment and other appliances. For more information about our items, please contact us today. Check out our wide array of maintenance and breakroom supplies below.